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The Young Leaders of United Way of Lake County is Accepting Grant Funding Applications Now through June 30, 2017.

The Young Leaders of United Way of Lake County is now accepting grant funding requests from nonprofit agencies and programs that directly impact the lives of youth in Lake County.

The mission of United Way of Lake County’s Young Leaders is to work to positively impact the lives of Lake County’s youth through improved health and education.  To do this, we support 501c3 and non-profit organizations in Lake County with grants that promote this mission.  The total sum of this grant allocation will be up to $10,000 to continue to positively improve the health and education of the youth in Lake County. To submit a grant request, the application must align with the mission of United Way of Lake County’s Young Leaders. 

Parties interested in applying for funds must fill out a grant application form. Applications are being accepted through June 30, 2017.


Click Here for a Copy of the 2017 Funding Application Form

Questions? Feel free to contact Jodi Matsko at 440-639-1236 or via email at jmatsko@uwlc.org

Organizations and agencies selected to receive grants will be announced when funds are distributed this summer.


Application Submission Guidelines

To submit a grant request, the following submission guidelines must be followed. Only typed applications that meet the following guidelines will receive grant consideration.

1.      Each grant application must include the following:

a.      Completed Grant Application Form

b.      Bid documentation, if applicable (see Item 2 below)

c.       501c3 approval letter from the IRS (different from the tax exempt form)

d.      Any other documents that support the grant request or application.

e.      Project budget

f.        Program Demographics (found on page 6 of this application)

2.      Applications must include at least two or more written bids for any equipment and/or materials requested.

a.      Every effort must be made to obtain the best prices including any discounts or special prices for a non-profit organization.         

b.       Specialized equipment where only one source may be available must be accompanied by a statement of explanation supporting the single sourcing.

3.      Application must be signed by the Executive Director and Board President

4.      Funding requests for the following  will not be accepted:

  • salaries
  • fundraisers
  • gift cards
  • gas cards
  • bus passes

5.      Funded requests must be used within six (6) months from the date of receipt.

a.      Unused funds must be returned to United Way of Lake County. 

b.      A follow-up report, including receipts, is due within this same timeframe.

c.       A potential site visit can also be scheduled during this timeframe.

6.      Funding requests must be post marked by June 30, 2017.  Agencies not funded will be notified by September 1, 2017.  Agencies being funded will be presented with a funding award on September 1, 2017.  Funding will be available within ONE MONTH of presenentation.

          If the Guidelines for Submissions are not met, your grant will not be considered and you will be notified by mail or email.

7.     6 copies of the grant application, as outlined in Item 6 above, must be submittedEach copy is to be identical in content as the original. Only applications that provide 6 complete copies will receive grant consideration.


Please Note

  1. This application is not for emergency funding.
  2. Only one grant request can be submitted each granting period. Multiple applications will result in all applications being denied.
  3. Grant applications are only considered for the period in which submitted.
  4. A member of the Young Leaders - Associate Board will contact the organization to schedule an interview to review the grant application upon submission.
  5. Award presentation will be made in person on September 1, 2017. Funding will be available within one month of award presentation.
  6. Grant guidelines are subject to change without notification.


The Young Leaders – Associate Board reviews each grant request as submitted.  No grant request can be added to or deleted from once received. 


United Way of Lake County
Attention:  Jodi Matsko
9285 Progress Parkway
Mentor, OH 44060