Champions & Supporters

At United Way of Lake County, we rely on the support of community which includes donors, volunteers, and organization's large and small. While there are too many to list, we are proud to recognize and extend our gratitude to two of our largest supporters and foremost donors, Avery Dennison Corporation and The Lubrizol Corporation.

Avery Dennison LOGO  Lubrizol logo

Both Avery Dennison Corporation and The Lubrizol Corporation exemplify corporate citizenship at its finest. Their dedication to giving back is ingrained in their organizational ethos, reflecting a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between businesses and the communities they serve. They recognize that thriving communities are the bedrock of sustainable success, and their philanthropic endeavors reflect this.

The significance of their contributions cannot be overstated. Through their generous support, we are empowered to expand our reach and efficacy, channeling resources toward vital initiatives that address pressing social challenges. From education and health to financial stability and beyond, their donations serve as catalysts for positive change, fostering resilience and opportunity for individuals and families across Lake County.

In recognizing Avery Dennison Corporation and The Lubrizol Corporation as integral partners in our mission, we celebrate their remarkable generosity and their steadfast dedication to creating a lasting impact. Together, we continue to forge pathways to a more vibrant community, guided by the belief that we can accomplish remarkable things when we unite our efforts.