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Your Donation Dollars at Work - A Look at How Contributions Impacted Lake County's Most Vulnerable Residents in 2018

A contribution to United Way of Lake County is the best way to help change the odds for Lake County residents in need. Below is a look at the impact your support made on Lake County's most vulnerable residents last year. When you invest in United Way of Lake County, your gift helps assure the availability of an entire network of services that no one agency alone can provide. We support a diverse portfolio of the highest performers in the local non-profit landscape. And this is important because rarely does a person in need require help from only one program. Most require help from multiple non-profit programs to achieve positive outcomes. Multiple programs that we support. The nonprofits we back are in the business of engaging and servicing residents in need. They are not in the business of engaging the community for support. This makes an investment in United Way of Lake County all the more critical. Our partner agencies rely heavily on the funds we provide.The programs they offer depend on it. We depend on you and the goodwill of community donations to tie it all together and make it happen.

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