Education: 4 Facts

Education in Lake County: 4 Facts You Need to Know


#1 -  52%* of Lake County Children Enter Kindergarten Without Sufficient Skills

It’s hard to catch up when you start from behind. That’s the sad reality for the 52% of Lake County children who enter kindergarten without sufficient skills to engage in kindergarten-level instruction.



#2 - The Stakes are High

Studies show that children who begin kindergarten prepared to learn are more likely to stay engaged in school and be on track to graduate from high school; will be less likely to receive government assistance in adulthood; will have lower rates of felony arrest, convictions and incarcerations; and will be more likely to go to college, own a home and earn well above the median income. 



#3 -  How United Way of Lake County is Working to Change the Odds

United Way of Lake County (UWLC) is working to change the odds for our children. One of their new five-year goals focuses on building a stronger community by supporting programs centered on education, kindergarten readiness and early intervention programs to prevent children from suffering the lasting effects of early childhood adversity and trauma. Their education goal is to  increase the percentage of Lake County children ready to enter kindergarten prepared to meet every educational milestone and successfully complete their education.  



#4 -  In Her Words: Lisa Habe, Community Impact Education Champion

Joining UWLC in their fight to change the odds for Lake County children is Lisa M. Habe, President of Interlake Stamping in Willoughby. Lisa is passionate about giving local and giving back to her community. “Too many of our children start their school career at a deficit, which is why I’ve joined United Way of Lake County to help change these odds. I am a proud champion of their five-year education goal which aims to give the children of our community a fighting chance in life that spans from cradle to career.”


5 Strategies Parents can Employ to Prepare Children for Kindergarten

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For more information on how United Way of Lake County is working to change the odds for our children, click here now.

*Source: Ohio Department of Education