5 Ways to Kindergarten Readiness

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5 Ways to Kindergarten Readiness

Strategies Parents Can Employ to Prepare Their Children

There are several ways parents can prepare their children for school. This includes creating a healthy, safe, supportive and engaging environment throughout early childhood. According to the Mayo Clinic,* this includes the following 5 strategies:


  1. Promoting Good Health
    Factors affecting good health include sleep, healthy diet, physical activity and vaccinations.
  2. Regular Doctor Wellness Visits
    A child's growth, overall health, vision, hearing, motor skills, speech and social development should all be monitored.
  3. Providing an Opportunity to Play
    Playtime helps develop a child's social and emotinal skills, creativity, ability to problem solve, develop friendships and more.
  4. Finding Learning Opportunities
    Preschool or Head Start programs, museums, zoos, city park or community programs, neighborhood play groups, story time at libraries or book story groups all provide needed learning opportunities for children.
  5. Preparing for the First Day
    To help children prepare for their first day of kindergarten, it's important for them to become accustomed to a daily routine starting a few weeks prior to the start of school.


*Source: Mayo Clinic, September 19, 2019