May 2021 Community Hero Hijinx Fundraiser

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Community Hero Hijinx Presented by The Lubrizol Corporation!
A United Way of Lake County FUNdraiser.

Now through May 26, 2021

At United Way of Lake County, we were once again unable to host our largest annual Celebrity Server Fundraiser. But all is not lost! An exclusive group of kind-hearted individuals who are passionate about giving back, believe in giving local and like to have fun have joined us for some hijinx to help our most vulnerable residents! All are working hard to raise donations in support of our community's recovery from the economic impact of the pandemic that has left thousands of children, families and seniors in need, including many who have never struggled before. One hundred percent of the funds raised by our Community Hijinx Heroes stay local benefiting our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

Below is a list of our Community Hijinx Heroes and Community Hijinx Hero Squads. Each has established their own unique fundraisers (hijinx!!), set their own fundraising goals, and have their own individual fundraising pages in hopes you will contribute! Links to the fundraising page for each Community Hijinx Hero and Hero Squad can be accessed by clicking on below on their name. We hope you will make a donation in support of your favorite Hijinx Hero!

We are also running 3 weekly back-to-back raffles with loads of amazing prizes. Learn more about this and get a link to the current raffle by clicking here!

Community Hijinx Heroes:

Community Hijinx Hero Squads:


Why United Way of Lake County?

United Way of Lake County (UWLC) has been responding to our community's most pressing needs for nearly 100 years. UWLC has been able to meet the many critical needs initially brought on by the pandemic due to their ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our community and mobilize resources. They rallied to support and provide help to the countless number of families, children, and seniors struggling to survive during this unprecedented time. But there is still so much need and work to be done as we move from respond into recovery mode. UWLC helps feed our community’s hungry. They connect those in financial distress with resources to pay bills and stay in their homes. They help make it possible for those who are uninsured or underinsured to obtain free medical care, dental care, free prescriptions and mental health counseling. They help prepare children for success in school, work and life. And the list goes on. UWLC’s goal is to provide relief and hope for a better tomorrow to our many friends and neighbors struggling to stay afloat and to ensure their families basic needs are met. When you invest in UWLC, your gift helps assure the availability of an entire network of services that no one agency alone can provide. A gift to United Way of Lake County is the best way to help the most people.


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