Fox 8 News Cleveland Features Wickliffe City School Superintendent Joe Spiccia Skydiving to Raise Funds for United Way of Lake County's Community Hero Hijinx Fundraiser - Click Here to Watch Video!

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Watch: Wickliffe school superintendent jumps out of plane for charity

GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — Until today, Wickliffe City School Superintendent Joe Spiccia had never jumped out of a plane before.

Back in May, the nonprofit asked Spiccia to be a part of its Hero Hijinx initiative, which paired community leaders up and asked them to do silly tasks in the name of raising money. The Wickliffe City School System Director of Strategic Innovation, Julie Ramos, paired with Spiccia and the team’s top donor got to choose who was jumping out of a plane.

After he landed, FOX 8 caught up with Spiccia, who seemed to be in great spirits (as seen in the video above).

“It was a fantastic feeling,” Spiccia said.

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