Impacting Hunger in Lake County

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Your Contribution Impacts Hunger in Lake County

Did you know that 1 in 9 Lake County residents suffer from food insecurity and that inquiries for food rank #1 among all inquiries Lifeline's help referral hotline receives?  Please help us send children to school with full bellies, end the tears of crying babies in need of formula, put a stop to the hunger pangs suffered by seniors and the families and single mothers who have fallen on hard times and don't know where their next meal will come from.

Giving Comes with Many Rewards. When You Give Now Through April 24, 2020, You Could Find Yourself the Lucky Winner of $1,000!  

Every $5 donated is enough to provide 20 meals and Earn 1 Contest Entry for You!

  • A $10 donation is enough to provide 40 meals + You Earn 2 Contest Entries!
  • A $15 donation is enough to provide 60 meals + You Earn 3 Contest Entries!
  • A $25 donation is enough to provide 100 meals + You Earn 5 Contest Entries!
  • A $50 donation is enough to provide 200 meals + You Earn 10 Contest Entries!
  • A $100 donation is enough to provide 400 meals + You Earn 20 Contest Entries!
  • Etc.

 Every dollar donated impacts a life right here in Lake County. Act now to give.

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Hunger in Lake County - The Facts

  • 25,770 Lake County residents live with food insecurity. That's 11.2% of the population and 17% of children.

  • 1 in  9 residents struggle with hunger.

  • 17,289 Lake County residents live in poverty (7.5%). 3,688 (8%) are children and 2,766 (6%) are seniors.

  • 34% of Lake County households struggle to afford basic needs. This includes the working poor (27%) and those who live in poverty (7.5%).

  • Lifeline's help referral hotline received 8,978 inquiries for food assistance in 2019. Inquiries for food rank #1 among all inquiries received.

  • The food and money raised during our annual Feed Lake County food drive help more than 40 food pantries throughout Lake CountyThese food pantries depend upon community efforts to help feed families, children and senior citizens in need. They depend upon United Way of Lake County. We depend on you.

  • All food and dollars raised in Lake County stay in Lake County, helping our own friends and neighbors in need. 

Last year, with the help of our community, we helped fight hunger and feed those suffering from food hunger by:

    • Providing over 40 local food pantries with enough food for 330,134 meals to help feed our hungry.
    • Providing much needed formula to the parents of 241 babies.
    • Helping to provide 27,968 congregate meals to Lake County seniors.

​Take a look at the following Hunger in Lake County infographic (Click on the image to enlarge, print and/or save):

Some of the many faces of hunger in Lake County:


Henry is 5. If it weren't for the local food pantry his mother visits, he would go to bed hungry more often than he already does. His mother Cathy is struggling to keep a roof over his head in the small Wickliffe apartment they share and cannot afford groceries on a regular basis. She's been homeless before but is determined to never let this happen again. Cathy is grateful for the support she receives from her local food bank. Her local food bank is grateful for the food they receive from us.


Gracie is 82 years old and lives alone in the home she and her husband shared in Mentor for 50 years. Her husband passed away two years ago and her grown children do not live nearby to be able to offer support. Gracie lives on a meager budget and most of it is spent on medication. As her cost of living and meds continue to rise, she relies on her church's food bank for help. Her church's food bank relies on us.



Linda is a 32 year old single mother who lives in Madison with her two children, ages 4 and 6. She has fallen on hard times. Linda does not receive child support and her hours at work were recently cut to part-time. She cannot make ends meet and is never sure where meals for her children will come from next. Linda relies on her local food pantry for help. Her local food pantry relies on us.



Luke worked hard for the same company for 30 years before being laid off at 46 years old. He's been searching for a new job for 8 months with no luck. Lifeline's 2-1-1 help hotline referred Luke and his family to a local food kitchen in Painesville and they are thankful for the warm meals they have access to until they get back on their feet. The local food kitchen is thankful to us for helping them stock their shelves with food to feed Luke and his family and hundreds more like them.

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