The Faces we Serve

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There is a Face Behind Every Program we Serve.
Your Donation Impacts Lives in Lake County.

Without United Way of Lake County and donors like you, many of our community's most vulnerable residents would have no place to turn.



Mentor Senior Center:

Helen lived in New York and after her husband passed away and she began having eye problems which made her unable to drive, she began to feel depressed. As she found herself growing further away from friends, her daughter who lived in Mentor asked her to move closer to her family. Helen was apprehensive to move without knowing anyone other than a few family members. Upon moving, Helen’s daughter signed Helen up for the Special Elders Program at the Mentor Senior Center. The program provides her with the extra assistance she needs for her vision issues but more importantly, provides her with a social opportunity with peers she now calls friends. Helen finds the social component to be the most valuable for her. She also credits the Special Elders Program and the Mentor Senior Center for changing her life of feeling depressed to a vibrant and happy life where she continues to be independent.


Thank you letter from Bob, Connie and Joy:

“Words cannot express how thankful we are for the scholarship to the Fine Arts Association. Your support is allowing our daughter to realize her dream of becoming a Cello player. My husband is a disabled veteran and we could not really afford these lessons for her without the scholarship. The United Way of Lake County does care for our community. Thank you”


Thank you note from Chris Van Dusen of the Madison Food Center:

“Food is such a basic necessity and people can make such a difference by donating to Feed Lake County. We are meeting new families each month and also finding that the food stamps allotments are not keeping up with the increase of food prices. We have seen a recent increase in the number of seniors needing the services of our pantry. The Madison Food Center is appreciative of United Way and all that they do to help fill our shelves for the hungry in our community.”


Success story from Lake County Free Clinic:

“We have a 14 year-old patient with severe uncontrolled asthma who has no access to resources.  He does not qualify for Medicaid.  Before we started seeing him he was in the Emergency Room at least once a month and he was missing school about two to three days a week.  We have started him on three medications that we pay for in order to maintain some control over his asthma.  He is gradually learning, along with his mother, to manage his asthma.  The treatment he has received from LCFC, particularly the medication we provide, has made the difference between life and death for him, and they are incredibly grateful at each visit for help.”