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United Way of Lake County Fights for the Education of our Children.

Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. Donations raised help provide children with the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. They help ensure kids can begin school ready to succeed. These programs help them become proficient readers at a young age, stay on track in middle school, earn their high school diplomas and pursue a higher education. 

This Common Good Forecaster allows you to see how improving high school graduation rates in Lake County benefits our economy and the overall health of our community.Click here to take a look!

At United Way of Lake County, we are fighting for the future of our children so that we may all enjoy a better tomorrow and a stronger community. 

Did you know?

Access to books and educational material is the single biggest barrier to lieteracy in the United States. Children of low-income families face even greater barriers. 

We are fighting for the education of our children. Best of all, donations raised in Lake County, stay in Lake County. Will you join us in our fight for our community's children by making a donation today?

Impact Fact:  Last year, 17,100 children in Lake County benefited from reading/education programs that we help support.

Having a Mentor greatly increases a student's potential for success. In fact, children and youth who have Mentor's experience improved self-esteem, greater academic achievement, increased motivation in school, and higher quality lifestyle choices. 

We are fighting for the enrichment of our youth.

Impact Fact:  Last year, 13,123 children benefited from Mentors & Youth enrichment programs that we help support.

Below are the 2018-2019 programs we help support in our fight for the education of Lake County's children.Will you join us?

In addition to the below list of programs we support, read about our partnership with Painesville City Schools' Cradle to Kindergarten educational initiative here.

Big Brothers Big Sisters NEO Community Mentoring Program 
 Big Brothers Big Sisters NEO After School Mentoring Program 
 Camp Sue Osborn Camping for Special Needs Children
 Catholic Charities  Latino Outreach 
 Crossroads  Help Me Grow 
 Fine Arts Association Scholarships - Music Therapy
 Lake Academy  Social Worker 
 Lake County Captains Reading Incentive Program
 Lake County YMCA Summer Learning Program
 Lake County YMCA Child Care
 Lifeline 211 Help Referral Hotline
 Starting Point  Child Care Training 
 Starting Point  Deveruex Program