2019 Campaign Chair Vanessa Tey Iosue

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Meet Vanessa Tey Iosue, United Way of Lake County 2019 Campaign Chair

We are extremely pleased to have Ms. Vanessa Tey Iosue, President of Burges & Burges Strategists in Cleveland, as our 2019 Campaign Chair. 

Tey Iosue has been with the Burges & Burges Strategists for nearly two decades where she started as a research associate. She is a graduate of Cleveland State University with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business administration.

Tey Iosue is an active member of the community who has previously worked with UWLC in various capacities, even serving as the emcee of their 2018 annual meeting. “As a lifelong resident of Lake County, I believe it’s my duty to give back and I was thrilled to be asked to chair this year’s United Way of Lake County campaign. I’m familiar with the good work they do and am I’m excited to join them in their fight for our community’s most vulnerable residents,” said Tey Iosue.

Tey Iosue’s extensive community service includes chairing “Dancing Under the Stars,” a fundraiser for Lake County’s Community Action Agency and Family Planning of Northeast Ohio. She’s served on the board of the Downtown Painesville Organization and is also the newest board of trustees member for the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a multi-state organization that supports protection of all of the Great Lakes.

At Burges & Burges Strategists, Tey Iosue leads all types of client projects, from grassroots organizing to leading major campaigns for elected officials and long-range planning for large organizations. She is a certified focus group moderator and has secured hundreds of millions in local funds for schools and libraries. Tey Iosue also oversees all of Burges’ extensive research capabilities and designs and directs major research projects for clients throughout the state, in addition to conducting focus group and discovery research in urban and rural areas.

“Vanessa has a reputation for winning and for creating strategies to achieve the most challenging goals. I’m pleased to have a person with her background and leadership skills on our team. Her skillset is impressive. She's also fiercely engaged, energetic and focused. We are lucky to have her on our side,"

In her role at Burges and Burges Strategists, Tey Iosue has won hundreds of library and school district operating and bond issues, secured long-term funds for projects in some of Ohio’s toughest communities, provided strategic counsel to elected officials and select judicial candidates, designed and directed major research projects for clients throughout the state and the list goes on.

“I believe in uplifting others, which is why my role with United Way of Lake County is a perfect match. It’s what they do. Through their work they lend those in need a hand up giving hope and opportunity to those with no place else to turn. United Way of Lake County is the best way to help the most people right here in our own community.” said Tey Iosue.