Funding Guidelines

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United Way of Lake County Funding Guidelines

Programs seeking United Way of Lake County funding must first submit a letter of inquiry to our organization. This is then is forwarded to the appropriate solution panel, depending on what needs the particular program is seeking to meet.

The Four Solutions Panels:

There are four solution panels. These include: Seniors, Health & Wellness, Children & Families, and Basic Needs. These panels meet monthly and are comprised of community volunteers. Solutions Panels discuss priority community needs, identify gaps or additional funding needs with established programs, and are responsible for reviewing funding inquiries to the United Way.

Solutions Panels have three funding routes that they may consider:

  1. A decline to recommend the proposed program for funding consideration.
  2. Fund the proposed program for funding through the Solutions Panel for up to 3 years with no guarantee of continuous funding.
  3. Recommend the program to the Core Funding Committee for yearly, funding consideration where the program will be reviewed for the following:
    • Does the program meet an identified community need?
    • Does the program deliver sound outcome measurements?
    • Does the program run efficiently and effectively?
Please send a letter of inquiry to United Way of Lake County. The letter should be no more than two-pages, stating the name of the organization, mission statement, program name and description, demonstrated need and client impact. 
While all programs have merit, it is impossible for the United Way to fund every request.