Women's Leadership Council distributes funds to agencies helping women in Lake County

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Women's Leadership Council of United Way of Lake County will distribute $18,597.36 in funding to agencies helping women in Lake County.  An open house and grant award ceremony will take place on June 25 at The Fine Arts Association at 6:00 p.m. 


Throughout February and March the WLC accepted applications for funding from 501(c)3 organizations helping to advance the lives of women in the community.  The grant committee began research and interviews in April, lasting six weeks before the final decision went to vote at the Council meeting on Wednesday, May 20.


Funded agencies include:


  • Crossroads Images program
  • Forbes House
  • Lake Geauga Recovery Center - Oak House and Neveah Ridge
  • Lake Health Foundation SANE program
  • New Directions for Living
  • Suit Yourself
  • WomenSafe @ Beacon Health


Dollars distributed were raised through membership dues, quarterly informational breakfast fees and the annual Women's Winterfest fundraising event. 


Grants Committee Co-chair, Ali Hughes of Polychem, states, "Over the last two months, the grant committee has worked diligently to determine which requests best fit with the WLC's mission of helping women of all ages in Lake County.  We are pleased to have selected seven that share this vision."

"The grant committee has seen the needs for the women and girls of Lake County and are proud to support requests that will have such a positive impact on their lives."

United Way of Lake County and a core group of volunteers developed the Women's Leadership Council in 2013 to positively impact the lives of women through the philanthropic efforts of giving, advocating and volunteering. 


The United Way of Lake County's Women's Leadership Council's mission is to unite and reinforce traits that keep women of all ages in our own communities strong.  In addition to the grant funding process, members of the Women's Leadership Council of United Way of Lake County will find numerous benefits and ways to become involved. 


An annual membership fee applies.  Women's Leadership Council asks the women leaders in our community to make a contribution of $250 to help advance the mission.  These dollars will help make the community stronger by supporting those who need it most, while having the opportunity to work together, lifting each other higher.


To become a member contact Kristin Kozar, Director of Special Projects, at 440-639-4583, email at kkozar@uwlc.org or visit our website to register.