Changing the Odds

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Three Ways United Way of Lake County is Changing the Odds
United Way of Lake County is committed to more than short-term charity for a few. We are committed to changing the odds for those in need and have put a new focus on our funding model to tackle the three key areas our community has identified as most critical. Moving forward we will report on how your support is helping change the odds, rather than reporting results focused solely on the number of services we provide. 
With your help, we are able to provide hope and help for those who need it most - those who are hurting, lost, broken or suffering. Through our work and the vital programs we help make available, we are able to let those suffering know that life can be different and doesn't have to remain hopeless or deeply difficult. 
Our Goal:  Drive measurable, long-term impact among the three areas of focus identified as critical among our community.
An investment in United Way of Lake County helps us change the odds for Lake County residents in need. See below for details!  
    Education                                   Financial Stability                     Health
     Pathways to Success                           Self-Sufficiency                                      Healthy Mind and Body


Did you know?

Less than half of the children in Lake County enter kindergarten with sufficient skills, knowledge and abilities to engage in kindergarten-level instruction.

That means 52%* of Lake County children may never catch up and risk being left    behind throughout school and as they enter the job market.

Did you know?

A full 31% of Lake County households face barriers to self-sufficiency.

These are Lake County residents who live in poverty or barely above, earning more than the federal poverty level but less than the cost of living (ALICE** households).

Did you know?

Too many individuals in Lake County live in distress at being uninsured or under-insured.

When it comes to accessing health services, a person’s zip code, standing in life, and job and financial status serves as a harsh barrier to quality healthcare.




100% of Donations to our Community Impact Fund stays in Lake County, changing the odds for our community of friends and neighbors in need.

All United Ways are independently operated and governed. This allows us to best serve the communities we work within. In our case, this is Lake County, Ohio. As such, we are solely dependent upon local donations. 

Will you join us and help change the odds for our Lake County friends and neighbors in need?



*Ohio Department of Education.
***Source: ALICE in Ohio 2020 Report - United Way ALICE & Poverty in Ohio in 2019